Subscriptions Management

Our system allows you to manage subscriptions free of charge to your mailing list. To do this, you simply need to contact us to create your mailing list and select the method that you prefer among the following:

  1. Simply add a link to the subscription page on your profile (example: so that our system takes care of everything.
  2. For something more personal, you can create a form with fields of your choice on your website and point it on the subscription page on your profile. The confirmation message may be displayed on your profile page or the answer can be returned to the confirmation page of your choice on your website.

When people subscribe to a mailing list, they receive an email to confirm their subscription. This security measure prevents any person to add the email address of someone who doesn't really want to subscribe to the mailing list and receive junk mail (SPAM).

You will also receive an email whenever a person subscribes to your mailing list.

Newsletters Creation

Unlike standard email that contains only text in most cases, it's preferable that the newsletter reflects the visual aspect of your company or your website by using a "template" to exploit its maximum potential. Therefore, the newsletter must be programmed in HTML.

We are therefore able to create a "template" that meets your tastes, your image and the content to display. The template can obviously be reused for other newsletters.

In addition, please be assured that we respect the basic rules so that the infolettre displays correctly in different versions of the most popular email management systems (Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc).

Note that it's also possible to customize the newsletter for each recipient by inserting information of a person (name, email, etc) if they are available.

Newsletters Mailing

The frequency of distribution for a newsletter may vary according to your needs (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). According to our experience, certain moments of the week are more convenient because reading rate is better.

Each newsletter sent contains a link that allows a person to unsubscribe at any time. It also contains a link to the Web version of the newsletter.

We are also able to detect email addresses that no longer exist and remove them from the mailing list.

Reading Statistics

Our system allows you to obtain free of charge the following statistics about your mailing list and your newsletter compared to the traditional post mail where it's impossible to get those data:

  • Number of subscribers to your mailing list
  • Number of persons awaiting confirmation
  • Reading rate and number of unsubscriptions for each newsletter
  • Etc.